[Movie Review] #Reality High πŸ˜πŸ’•

Another day, Another Blog! ☺️😍 Hi guys!! Welcome back hihi so for today’s blog… I’ll introduce to you another movie about highschool life but because of the “#” in the title, the social media involved in this movie. So hmmmm another movie that makes me feel like I am the main character cause everything happened in this movie talks about how my or our teenage life is. It’s about how social media affects us. But aside from negative sides of this movie it also has a positive and happy side especially when it comes about our “first love” hihi so interesting right? We, millenials, we can relate ourselves in this movie but the point is, in our lives and in this world, we are all an actors and we are here to make a meaningful movie before our carrer ends. So the question is. Who would you want to be? The protagonist that will make the movie (our lives) a positive and will ended happy? or you will be the protagonist who will make the movie ruined? Lesson learned: Each of us have a different roles in life but it depends only in you on how will you act it.

So that’s for today guys! hihi if you want to watch the trailer here it is!!


Academic over-achiever Dani Barnes (Nesta Cooper) is a high-school senior with aspirations of getting into the top veterinary school in the world, UC Davis. But Dani’sΒ chances of getting in are under threat from a new too-cool friend who introduces her to a Southern Californian scene that jeapordizes all of Dani’s hard work.


Fernando Lebrija




Jane Fleming, Mark Ordesky Cast:

Kate Walsh, John Michael Higgins, Nesta Cooper, Anne Winters Writer(s):

Brandon Broussard, Hudson Obayuwana, Jana Savage

Thanks for visiting!! See you on my next blog 😍☺️😘

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